What Does Christmas Really Mean A Sermon
The Land of the Aiouwas A Masque
Federal Legislation Regulations and Rulings Affecting Agricultural Colleges and Experiment Stations
An Eulogy Upon the Life Character and Public Services of General Zachary Taylor
Fiat Lux (Let There Be Light) a Modern Mystery Play in One Act
The Montreal Medical Gazette Volume 1 N1
The Rebuke of Secession Doctrines Volume 1
The First Code of Laws of the Russian Socialistic Federal Soviet Republic
The Relation of the Dorsal Roots of the Spinal Nerves and the Mesencephalon to the Control of the Respiratory Movements
A Glance at the Higher Criticism
Ecce Regnum!
Speech by Hon Chauncey M DePew on His Eighty-Seventh Birthday at the Montauk Club Brooklyn N Y April 30th 1921 Being the 30th Annual Dinner Given Him by This Club
The Boundary Question Revised
Ann Phillips Wife of Wendell Phillips A Memorial Sketch
English Walnuts
Address to the People of West Virginia Shewing That Slavery Is Injurious to the Public Welfare and That It May Be Gradually Abolished Without Detriment to the Rights and Interests of Slaveholders
The Kings Judges
Annual Report of the Tuskegee Normal School
A Complete Report of the American-Republican Legislative Causus in Newport
Eulogy on the Death of Capt Abram Van Olinda Who Fell at the Battle of Chapultepec September 13 1847
Four Propositions Sustained Against the Claims of the American Home Missionary Society
Desultory Remarks on the Question of Extending Slavery Into Missouri As Enunciated During the First Session of the Sixteenth Congress
Social Changes in New England in the Past Fifty Years
John and Jonathan Or England and America
Discourse Delivered on the Two Hundreth Anniversary of the Organization of the Old Lyme Congregational Church
The Delegate A Comedy [In Two Acts]
A Chapter in the History of Cleveland
A Discourse Suggested by Weirs Picture of the Embarkation of the Pilgrims Delivered in the Unitarian Church Washington December 31st 1843
Calendar Days An Entertainment in One Act
First Notions of Logic (Preparatory to the Study of Geometry)
A Summary View of the Laws Relating to Subscriptions C with Remarks
When the Frost Is on the Punkin And Other Poems
Treaty of Arbitration or a Code of International Law the Basis of Peace An Address Delivered at T
A Letter to Hon Charles Sumner of the United States Senate Exposing the Bullock-Blodgett Ring in Their Atempt to Defeat the Bingham Amendment
The Contrast Or the Bible and Abolitionism An Exegetical Arguement
The Rig-Veda Mantras in the Grhya S Tras
Views of the Society of Friends in Relation to Civil Government
Translation of Yr American a Welsh Pamphlet
The North American Ichneumon-Flies of the Tribe Ephialtini
Welfare Work by Corporations
Argument Before the Committee of Ways and Means on the Sugar Tariff Against a Uniform Rate of Duty Up to No 13 Dutch Standard
President Lincoln and the Chicago Memorial of Emancipation
The Perception of Number
A Pedigree Genealogical Notes From Wills Registers and Deeds of the Highly Distinguished Family of Penn
An Answer to Pains Rights of Man by John Adams Esq
Three Weeks After Marriage A Comedy
Speech of the Hon John Q Adams of Massachusetts on His Resolution for the Appointment of a Select Committee to Inquire Into the Causes of the Failure of the Fortification Bill at the Last Session of Congress Delivered Jan 22 1836
Oberlin Alumni Magazine Volume 13 Issue 9
A Herbert Bibliography
Annual Report of the Town of Bath New Hampshire Volume 1912
An Address of the Twelve United Colonies of North-America by Their Representatives in Congress to the People of Ireland
Good Things and Graces
Rules of Practice Before the Commission in Cases and Proceedings Under Chapter 362 Laws of Wisconsin for 1905
Safe and Honorable Reconstruction an Oration Delivered at Newburyport July 4 1866
The Parentage and English Progenitors of Nathaniel Coney of Boston Mass
Our Departed President a Sermon Preached in the First Presbyterian Church April 19th 1865
A Letter to the Right Honorable Lord
The Rights of the Owners of Private Property Taken in War To Just Compensation Without Regard to Political Status Where There Has Been No Adjudication of Confiscation
Traditionary Anecdotes of Shakespeare Collected in Warwickshire in the Year MDCXCIII Now First Published from the Original Manuscript
War-Time Replacement in the City of Minneapolis
English Towns and Gilds
My Irish Colleagues of New York Reminiscences and Experiences of a Journalist 1861 to 1901
Annual Message of the Executive to the Legislature of Maryland December Session Eighteen Hundred and Forty Volume 1840
In the Matter of the Application of the Greater Winnipeg Water District for Approval of the Diversion of the Waters of the Lake of the Woods and Shoal Lake for Sanitary and Domestic Purposes Opinion and Order of Approval Dated January 14 1914
Registration of Aliens Hearings Before the Committee on Immigration and Naturalization House of Representatives Sixty-Fourth Congress Second Session on HR 20936 Wednesday February 28 1917
British Railway Finance with Special Reference to Capital Charges
The Barrack Ready Reckoner
Massachusetts a Field for Church Missions
An Address to the Youth of the Society of Friends In Great Britain and Ireland Especially Those Who Attended the Yearly Meeting in London in 1812
A Sermon Occasioned by the Burning of the Steamer Lexington Preached in St Pauls Church Boston
A Comparison of American and British Slavery
Chelseas Roll of Honor
Sanitary Reform Speech in the House of Commons on Tuesday 30th March 1847
The Pattern of Piety Or Tryals of Patience Being the Spiritual Songs of the Life and Death of Job
List of Works Relating to the French Alliance in the American Revolution
The Pilgrims and the Puritans Their Principles Character and Power
Birds and Their Eggs
Reference List of Wills Construed by the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts (Including the Cases in Quincy and from Vol 1 to Vol 165 of the Massachusetts Reports)
The Home for Inebriates and the Examiners Attack Thereon Statement of the Trustees Dr Potters Report on the Newspaper Charges Report of the Grand Jury Theron Action of the Coroner
Instructions for Mounting Using and Caring for Barbette Carriage Model of 1893 For 10-Inch Guns Model of 1888 March 10 1906 REV January 7 1908 REV April 13 1912 REV October 17 1916
Arbitration Engagements Now Existing in Treaties Treaty Provisions and National Constitutions
The Salem District and the London Mission Written for the Information of the Directors
The Memory of the Just A Sermon Preached in First Church on the Sunday After the Death of Joseph P Bradlee 25 February 1838
Annual Report Issue 49
Speech Delivered in the Senate of Pennsylvania on the Bill Entitled an ACT to Repeal the State Tax on Real and Personal Property and to Continue and Extend the Improvements of the State by Railroads and Canals and to Charter a State Bank to Be Called
Document Issue 11
Impressions of Prison Life in Great Britain Submitted to the Inspectors and Superintendent of the Albany Penitentiary
Notes on Some Plants of the Himalaya Etc
The Vision of the Student Missionary Pioneers Realized by the Students of the Present Generation An Address Delivered at Bradford Mass at the Centenary of the Founding of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions October 12 1910
Bibliographia Psiupsilonica
Some Special Cases of the Flecnode Transformation of Ruled Surfaces
Keys to Shakespeares Treasure House A Series of Questions Covering Certain of the Bards Plays Designed to Aid Students and to Point a Way for the Desultory Reader Volume 4
Documents Describing the Voyage of John Cabot in 1497
Land Money and Highways Evils and Remedies
Truths Triumph a Poem
Longmans Magazine Volume 5
Reflections on the Observations on the Importance of the American Revolution and the Means of Making It a Benefit to the World
Wilson the Ornithologist A New Chapter in His Life
Report of the Annual Meeting of the Gladstone Club
Campbells Registering Sun-Dial [Proof Sheets of an Article in Good Words]
Descriptive List of Antiquities Near Loch Etive Argyllshire Consisting of Vitrified Forts Cairns Circles Crannogs Etc With Some Remarks on the Growth of Peat
Geographical Outlines of New Zealand
On the Glacial Deposits of West Cheshire Together with Lists of the Fauna Found in the Drift of Cheshire and Adjoining Counties
Stephen Hawes the Conversyon of Swerers a Joyfull Medytacyon to All Englonde of the Coronacyon of Kynge Henry the Eyght
On Some of the Glacial Phaenomena of Canada and the North-Eastern Provinces of the United States During the Drift-Period
Annual Report of the Town of Rumney New Hampshire Volume 1902
A Lecture on Toxiocology Delivered January 15 1841 Before the Class of the Medical College of Ohio
A Collection of Psalms and Hymns with Tunes Affixed For the Use of the Young Ladies Academy of Philadelphia
Annual Report of the Commissioner of Animal Industry Volume 1912
China and Its Trade
On the Theory of the Origin of the Species by Natural Selection in the Struggle for Life
Appunti Sulla Memoria del Sig G Geikie FRSE on Changes of Climate During the Glacial Epoch Nota
Glimpses of Early Roxbury
Remarks Upon the Footprints of Moas at Poverty Bay and Upon Their Recent Extinction
Town of Salisbury New Hampshire Annual Report Volume 1878
Trial Conviction and Execution of Samuel Fallowes for the Wilful Murder of Betty Shawcross Before Chief Justice Warren
View of the Prison Palace Called Reading County Gaol For the Board Education and Maintenance of Convicted Criminals at the Public Expense
Illegality of the Trial of John W Webster
Recorder (Jun 1921) Volume 27 No 3
An Address Delivered Before the Euphemian
Relationship Between the Kindergarten and Great Literature
Annual Reports of the Town of Seabrook New Hampshire Volume 1885
Report of the President and Visitors of the Maryland Hospital [For the Insane Baltimore ] for 1865 and 1866 to the General Assembly of Maryland January 1867 Volume 1867
A Letter to the Earl of Ellesmere on the Subject of a New Alphabetical Catalogue of the Printed Books in the British Museum [By JPCollier]
On the Thickness of the Carboniferous Rocks of the Pendle Range of Hills Lancashire as Illustrating the Authors Views Regarding the South-Easterly Attenuation of the Carboniferous Sedimentary Strata of the North of England
Historical Record of Nameaug Engine Co Together with an Original Poem Read at the Re-Union February 22nd 1871 Also a List of Its Members from Its Organization to the Present Time
Annual Report of the Selectmen and School Committee to the Inhabitants of the Town of Montague Volume 1887-88
Annual Report Springfield New Hampshire Volume 1891
National Sins -- A Call to Repentance A Sermon Preached on the National Fast August 3 1849 in Cumberland Church Charleston S C
Testimony Taken on the Part of the Sitting Members in the Allegany Contested Election Case and Memorial of Sitting Members in Response to Memorial of Contestants Volume 1867
Message of the Executive to the General Assembly of Maryland January Session 1853 Volume 1853
General Information Regarding Mesa Verde National Park Season of 1912
The Butler Ancestry of Gen Benjamin Franklin Butler in America
General Information Regarding Yellowstone National Park Season of 1912
Address Delivered at the Annual Commencement of the South Carolina Military Academy July 8 1892
Annual Report of the Town of Salem New Hampshire Volume 1879
The Protestant Minority in Quebec in Its Political Relations with the Roman Catholic Majority A Letter Addressed to Sir Alexander Tilloch Galt KCMG
Annual Report of the Selectmen and School Committee to the Inhabitants of the Town of Montague Volume 1886-87
Annual Oration Delivered Before the Chrestomathic Society of the College of Charleston February 22 1850
Annual Report of the Town of Sanbornton New Hampshire Volume 1900
What City Planning Commissions Can Do
Report of the Select Committee Appointed by the House of Delegates January 15th 1880 to Investigate the Repairs Upon the State House Volume 1880
Catalogue of the Officers and Students of Cumberland University Volume 1853-54
Catalogue of Cumberland University Volume 1885
Simplified Instructions on the Babcock Test
Concreting in Winter
Counsels on Spiritualism
Catalogue of the Officers and Students of Cumberland University Volume 1846-47
Anarchisten Kulturgemalde Aus Dem Ende Des 19 Jahrhunderts Die
Memorial Proceedings of the Senate Upon the Death of Hon Alexander E Patton Late a Senator from the Thirty-Fourth District of Pennsylvania
Notes on Agricultural Co-Operation in France
Catalogue of Cumberland University Volume 1877-78
ABC Pathfinder Railway Guide Issue 390
On the Use and Abuse of Externals in Religion A Sermon
Annual Report National Institutes of Health Division of Research Services Volume 1989
SIGMA Phi Epsilon Journal Volume 2 No 4
The Blessed Damozel
Catalogue of Cumberland University Volume 1894
Catalogue of the Officers and Students of Cumberland University Volume 1858-59
Bibliographic Notes on Quirigua Guatemala Volume Vol 6 No1
Catalogue of Cumberland University Volume 1890
Catalogue of Cumberland University Volume 1879-80
Specimen Theologicum Exhibens Dissertationem de Oraculo Lamechi Quod Exstat Gen V 29
Speech of Hon T L Anderson of Missouri on the Principles and Policy of the Black Republican Party and the Duty of Whigs and Americans in the Approaching State and Presidential Elections Delivered in the House of Representatives February 16 1860
Joach Ern Bergeri Diatribe de Libris Rarioribus Horumque Notis Diagnosticis
St Georges Day a Fleet Street Eclogue
Dress Fitting Made Easy
School Records--An Experiment
Annual Report of State Tax Commissioner of Georgia Volume 4
Catalogue of Andover Theological Seminary
Timely Suggestions to the Republican Editors of Ohio
Rarities in English Literature and in Other Languages with Some Americana Selections and a Few Duplicates from the Library of a New York Collector To Be Sold Friday Afternoon February Sixth at Two-Thirty OClock
J Lewis Stackpole
Reconstruction Speech of Hon William A Newell of New Jersey in the House of Representatives February 15 1866
List of Memebers and Donons Financial Statement
An Enquiry Respecting the Punctuation of Ancient Greek by Herman Heinfetter
The Omnibus a Farce in One Act
Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene Volume 7 N6
Reduction of Armaments and a Treaty of Guarantee with Regional Agreements Lord Robert Cecils Proposals and Speech in the Third Assembly of the League of Nations
Reunions of the Twentieth Maine Regiment Association at Portland
Thoughts English and Irish on the Pension-List of Ireland
An Earnest Address to the People of Great-Britain and Ireland Occasioned by the Dismission of William Pitt Esq from the Office of Secretary of State
Reform Judaism Discourse at the Celebration of Dr Samuel Hirschs 70th Anniversary
Winning Ways A Farce in One Act
The Reconstruction of States Letter of Major-General Banks to Senator Lane
Town of Chester New Hampshire Annual Reports Volume 1902
Historical Sketch of the Town of Methuen From Its Settlement to the Year 1876
Report of the Financial Standing of the Town of Alton for the Fiscal Year Ending Volume 1889
Report of the Selectmen Auditors and Superintending School Committee of the Town of Dunbarton for the Year Ending Volume 1870
Report of the Selectmen of the Town of Manchester Volume 1847
Annals of Castle Creek NY and Vicinity Together with Genealogies of Some of the Early Families
Memorial Proceedings of the Senate Upon the Death of Hon Myron Matson Late a Senator from the Twenty-Fifth District of Pennsylvania
The Substance of a Speech Made by Lord Auckland on Monday the Second Day of May 1796 On the Occasion of a Motion Made by the Marquis of Lansdown
Report by the Selectmen of the Town of Andover for the Year Ending Volume F44 A55 1876
The Substance of a Speech Made by Lord Auckland in the House of Peers on Tuesday the 8th Day of January 1799 on the Third Reading of the Bill for Granting Certain Duties Upon Income
Report by the Selectmen of the Town of Andover for the Year Ending Volume F44 A55 1887
Report to the Secretary of the Interior
English Printing on Vellum to the End of the Year 1600
Bolshevism by an Eye-Witness from Wisconsin
Town of Chester New Hampshire Annual Reports Volume 1843
A Vindication of the Authenticity of the Elephant Pipes and Inscribed Tablets in the Museum of the Davenport Academy of Natural Sciences from the Accusations of the Bureau of Ethnology of the Smithsonian Institution
Daughters of the American Revolution Eleventh Year Book Jonathan Dayton Chapter
The Revenge a Burletta Acted at Marybone Gardens MDCCLXX with Additional Songs
Report of the Doings of the Selectmen and Treasurer of the Town of Gilmanton for the Year Ending Volume 1875
Address to the People of Texas on the Protection of Slave Property
A Study of the Forms of Nitrogen in Growing Pigs with Special Reference to the Influence of the Quantity of Protein Consumed
Address Delivered Before the Queens County Agricultural Society
Our Burden and Our Strength
Cosaque La A Musical Comedy in Three Acts
The Spirit of the Hour in Archaeology
Civil Government for the Philippine Islands Speech of Hon Julius C Burrows of Michigan in the Senate of the United States Wednesday May 28 1902
Letters from the Bishop of New Zealand to the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel with Other Information Concerning His Diocese
Observations and Reflections on the Penitentiary System A Letter from Franklin Bache MD to Roberta Vaux
The Hard Rot Disease of Gladiolus
Alabama and the Charleston Convention of 1860
Capture of Aguinaldo A Review
The Truth about Alcohol Speech in the House of Representatives Dec 22 1914
The Social Studies in Civic Education
The Indians of the Southwest in the Diplomacy of the United States and Mexico 1848-1853
Pirates A Comedy in One Act
On Some Problems in the Calculus of Finite Differences
Dont Tell White Folks
Universities Ancient and Modern Read Before the Birkenhead Literary and Scientific Society
Annotated Syllabus for the Systematic Study of Librarianship With Tables of Factors and Percentages in Connection with Library Finance Buildings Book Selection Statistics Etc Designed for the Professional Examinations of the Library Association
St John at Patmos A Sacred Poem
A Letter on the Corn Laws to the Manchester Chamber of Commerce
Sycosis Prize Essay for 1877 of the Bellevue Hospital Medical College Alumni Association
Change A Poem Delivered Before the Phi Beta Kappa Society of Harvard University August 29 1839
The Shepherd Who Watched by Night
Reports of Mr Isaac Shone CE and ME FGS on the Drainage of Southport with a Proposal for
Constitution and By-Laws of the Victoria Typographical Union Including the Scale of Prices and List of Members
Diss Inaug Iur de Donationibus Principum Imperii
The Benevolence Incumbent on Us as Men and Christians Considered in a Sermon Preached at the Assizes Held at Taunton April 1 1746 by Samuel Lobb
Radiant Star A Poem
Indian Missions
A Masque of Culture
The Real Issue--Union or Disunion Letter of Hon S S Marshall on the Parties and Politics of the Day
An Apology for the Danger of the Church Proving That the Church Is and Ought to Be Always in Danger
Reply to Dr McGilchrists Remarks on Professor Bennetts Lecture The Present State of the Theory and Practice of Medicine
The Law and Method in Spirit-Culture An Interpretation of A Bronson Alcotts Idea and Practice at
A Memoir of Henry C Carey Read Before the Historical Society of Pennsylvania Philadelphia January 5 1880
The Life Services and Character of Edward Everett A Sermon Preached in the First Church Jan 22 1865
The Art of Poetry Inaugural Lecture Delivered Before the University of Oxford 5 June 1920
On a New Method of Managing Fractures
Nala and Damayanti A Love-Tale of East India Done Out of the Sanskrit of the Mah Bh Rata the Oldest Epic Poem of India
Hal Hazard
Speech of C M Clay of Fayette in the House of Representatives of Kentucky January 1841 Upon the Bill to Repeal the Law of 1835 to Prohibit the Importation of Slaves Into This State
Horton Family Year-Book Volume 3
Charles Devens
A Narrative of the Situation and Treatment of the English Arrested by Order of the French Government at the Commencement of Hostilities
Miscellanies Consisting of Odes Songs and Other Pieces
Notes Made During a Visit to Exmoor and Neighbourhood
Interstate Commerce Speech of Hon Charles W Willard in the House of Representatives March 24 1874
The History of the Infantry Drill Regulations of the United States Army
Some Correspondence on the Subject of the Grant of 1800 Made to the National School of Highgate by the Committee of Privy Council for Education
Abraham Lincoln An Address Delivered Before the Mens League of the Broadway Tabernacle Church of New York Feb 10th 1902
Liberty Equality and Fraternity
To the Homeward-Bound Americans
Irish Facts for British Platform Volume 7
The Needs of Self-Supporting Women
The Manners and Customs of the Parsees A Paper Read Before the Liverpool Philomathic Society 13th March 1861
Judaism in Music Jacques Francois Halevy a Lecture
New York City and the Development of Trade A Reading List
The Development of English Prose Style The Chancellors Essay 1881
Woman Under Capitalism
Nelson The Centenary of Trafalgar
Salmon Cook Book How to Eat Canned Salmon
Negro Criminality
Julia and Fanny the Two Friends Or the Pleasure of Kindness and Reward of Industry Embellished with Four Neat Engravings
The Judging of Jurgen
Johnny Breaks a Record
Bye-Laws of the Board of Works for the Greenwich District
Constitution By-Laws House Rules and List of Officers and Members of the Century Club of Syracuse
Quasi-Contracts Synopsis and Selected Cases
Introductory Address
Address to the Democratic Republican Electors of the State of New York
Constitution and By-Laws of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society
The Public Man A Discourse on Occasion of the Death of Hon John Fairfield Delivered in Washington Dec 28 1847
Digestion The Influence of Alcoholic Fluids [A Lect]
On the Physical Basis of Animal Phosphorescence
Christopher Kilby A Memoir Prepared for the New England Historical and Genealogical Register for January
Letter to the Reverend Alexander Beith Stirling One of the Secretaries of the Gaelic School Society on the Recent Decision of the Committee of That Society
Sidney Lanier the Poet of Sunrise
Public Good Being an Examination Into the Claim of Virginia to the Vacant Western Territory and of the Right of the United States to the Same To Which Are Added Proposals for Laying Off a New State to Be Applied Asa Fund for Carrying on the War or R
Address Delivered at the Dedication of the Hall of the Boston Medical Library Association on December III MDCCCLXXVIII
Scriptural Temperance A Sermon Delivered in the Hollis Sreet Meetinghouse Boston on Thanksgiving Day November 26 1846
Acts of the General Assembly
Gutta Percha Its Discovery History Remarkable Properties Vast Utility and Application to Scientific and Ornamental Purposes Also Its Economy and Importance as a Sanatory Agent
Argument Before the House Committee on Printing April 13 and 14 1874 Upon the Subject of Printing the Debates of Congress
Notes on Suetonius
Annual Reports for the Town of Bristol New Hampshire Volume 1876
A Memorial of John C Dalton MD An Address Delivered Before the Middlesex North District Medical Society April 27 1864
On Etruscan and Libyan Names
Address Before Post No 2 Dept of Penna Grand Army of the Republic
Vermont Medical Monthly Volume 16 Issue 6
Christmas Holidays or a Visit at Home
Report of a Visit to the Sioux and Ponka Indians of the Missouri River
Under the Red Cross
Horton Family Year-Book
The Obligation of Man to Obey the Civil Law Its Ground and Its Extent
A Syllabus of Elementary Lectures in Psychology Delivered in the University of Toronto
The Facts about Cantaloupes
Abraham Lincoln His Last Resting Place Volume 2
Fernwort Papers
The Light of the Gods
The Siege of Babylon A Tragedy
The New School-Maam A Sketch in One Act
The Annual Address The Judges and Lawyers of Livingston County and Their Relation to the History of Western New York
Diss Inaug Med de Decubitu Dormientium Sanorum Salubri Auf Welcher Seiten Zu Schlafen Es Gesund Sey
The Heat Coagulation of Milk
The Irish Question Federation or Secession
An Oration Pronounced on the Fourth of July 1822 at the Request of the Inhabitants of the Citizens of the City of Boston in Commemoration of the Anniversary of National Independence
The Education of the Child from One to Three Prepared by the Literary Staff of the American Institute of Child Life
A Two Edged Sword
The Stratford Records and the Shakespeare Autotypes a Brief Review of Singular Delusions That Are Current at Stratford-On-Avon
The Silsbee Portrait
A Manual to Accompany Jeffers Panoramic Apparatus for Teaching Reading
A Form of Prayer Issued Bu Special Command of His Majesty George III London 1776
A Sketch of the Annual Reunion
Les Compagnies de Colonisation Et Le Conseil Superieur Des Colonies
The Teacher of Dante
The Raleigh Calendar
Moderate Houses for Modern Means
The Place of the Ringgold Light Artillery of Reading Among the First Five Companies from Pennsylvania Which Marched to the Defense of Washington April 1861 a Paper Read Before the Historical Society of Berks County June 14 1870
California Its Characteristics and Prospects
An Annotated List of the Ants of New Jersey
The Progress of Liberty in a Hundred Years an Oration Delivered Before the Citizens of Taunton 4th July 1876
The Gallop
The Family Relation as Affected by Slavery
The Irish Attorney
The Theory of Debit and Credit in Accounting
The Scotch Ancestors of William McKinley President of the United States
Report of the Commissioners Appointed Under the Order of the City Council August 26 1844 To Report the Best Mode and Expense of Bringing the Water of Long Pond Into the City of Boston
Presidential Primary Act of California Together with Annotations and Analysis by the Author of the ACT Also Containing Calendar for Presidential Primary Election of 1916 Number of Signatures Required for Nomination Papers and Official Forms Prepared by
Abraham Lincoln A Memorial
Tragedy of Judith [Giuditta]
The Tap of the Drum Or a Few Words about John Tyler
Timber Conditions in the Pine Region of Minnesota
Directions for Producing Pageant of Abraham Lincoln
Annual Report of the Superintendent of the Chicago Reform School to the Board of Guardians Volume 9th
Address Delivered at Los Angeles Cal July 3 1897
Bobby a New York Robin The Love Story of a Wildbird
Address Before the Alumni of the University of Pennsylvania
Charter Constitution and By-Laws
Amnesty to Prisoners Since the Armistice Message from the President of the United States Transmitting in Response to a Senate Resolution of January 13 1920
Vocational Education Plan of the State Board for Vocational Education
Speech of Hon J B Foraker Before the Richland County Lincoln Association at Mansfield Ohio Volume 1
Acts of Assembly Relating to Fairmount Park
Twenty Unsettled Miles in the Northeast Boundary
A Class in Geometry Lessons in Observation and Experiment
Annual Sermon Delivered
Calvin Jones Physician Soldier and Freemason 1775-1846
Address Delivered Before the Trustees Faculty and Students of the Albany Law School of Albany New York on McKinley Day Monday January 29th 1912
The Ancient Literature of America
Introductory Remarks of the Hon Robert C Winthrop at the Annual Meeting of the Peabody Trustees of Southern Education in New York 6th October 1893
An Address Delivered at Gettysburg
The Hartfordshire Wonder Or Strange News from Ware
The Chamberlayne Pedigree
Dances Drills Entertainments
An Address Delivered Before the Erosophian Society of Lomabard University on Tuesday June 18th 1867
The Bridal of Pennacook Entertainment in Tableaux and Pantomime Illustrating an Indian Legend
The Cleveland Survey of the Administration of Criminal Justice
A Discourse Delivered in the North Dutch Church in the City of Albany Occasioned by the Ever to Be Lamented Death of General Alexander Hamilton July 29 1804
The Remonstrance of the Citizens of the District of Columbia by Their Delegates in Convention to the People of the United States and to the Legislatures of the Several States Against Oppressions Manifold and Grievous Suffered from the Misrule of the
The American Board and American Slavery
The Administrative History of the British Dependencies in the Further East
The Righteous Ownership of Wealthy
The Lilies
An Address Delivered at Charleston Lyceum
Vital and Monetary Losses Due to Preventable Deaths
The Utilization of Forest Products in Massachusetts as Affected by the War
Studies in the Adsorption of Charcoal
An Address After Confirmation
An Anniversary Discourse Delivered Before the New York Academy of Medicine November 16 1876
The Proceedings by the State of Connecticut in Commemoration of the Tercentenary Anniversary of Landing of the Pilgrims on Plymouth Rock 1620-1920
The Necessity of Preserving the Memorials of the Past and of Transmitting to Posterity a Just and Impartial History of North Carolina an Address by Col Wm HS Burgwyn Delivered Before the Alumni Association of the University of North Carolina June 4
The Art of Securing Attention
The G A R vs the Ku-Klux
An Address to the People of the Southern States
The Burgoyne Campaign
A Paper on Forestry Interests of Oregon
The House of Sand a Mediated Tragedy in Four Acts
The Association of Franklin Medal Scholars Printed for the Association from the Annual Report of the School Committee for 1857
A Book of Poems
The Other Voice
The Show of Animals
A Discourse Delivered in the North Dutch Church in the City of Albany Occasioned by the Ever to Be Lamented Death of Gen Alexander Hamilton July 29 1804
The Building Unit
An Epick Poem in Commemoration of Gen Andrew Jacksons Victory on the Eighth of January 1815
An Address Delivered Before the First Society of Free Enquirers in Boston
The White Grub of the May Beetle
The Dime Novel Detective
A Discourse Delivered at the Funeral of Hon Solomon Foot
A Bad Mix-Up
A Study of the Relation Between the Brinell Hardness and the Grain Size of Annealed Carbon Steels
A Dark Secret
The Banner of Liberty
The Vicar of St Marys Nottingham Versus the Catholic Church of St Barnabas
A Funeral Oration
The First Locust
The Battle of Roaring-Bull
The Tariff Speech of Jonathan Chace of Rhode Island in the House of Representatives Wednesday April 16 1884
Address by General Isaac S Catlin
The Coal Mining Industry of the Far Eastern Republic
The Tariff Speech of Hon Joseph D Taylor of Ohio in the House of Representatives May 8 1888
A Charge Delivered by the Right REV George Lord Bishop of Rochester
The Text of Habakkuk
A Proposal for Concentrating the Termini of the Newcastle and Carlisle the Great North of England and Proposed Edinburgh Railways
A Brief Extract of a New English Prosody Based Upon the Laws of English Rhythm
The Skeleton of the Black Bass
A Sicilian Idyll a Pastoral Plan in Two Scenes
The Task Before Us
The Autobiography of Thomas Shepard the Celebrated Minister of Cambridge N E with Additional Not
The Terrell Election Law Embracing All Amendments to Date
A System for Teaching Column Additions PT a
Arts True Mission in America
Looking Back Across the War-Gulf
The Abolition Cause Eventually Triumphant
Speech of Henry Clay Delivered at the Mechanics Collation in the Apollonian Garden in Cincinnati (Ohio ) on the 3D of August 1830
Court of Arbitration of the Chamber of Commerce of the State of New York the Act of 1875 Chap 495 Relating of the Court of Arbitration and the Rules and Forms of Proceedings
A New Manuscript of Ciceros de Senectute
The League and Its Guarantees
The Story of Twine
Cycling Climbs of Yorkshire
Reunion of the 86th Regiment Illinois Infantry
The Use of Silver as a Money Metal by the United States
Womans Suffrage A Lecture Delivered in the Catholic Church of Denver Colorado
Trade with Mexico Correspondence Between the Manufacturers Association of the Northwest Chicago and Hon John W Foster Minister Plenipotentiary of the United States to Mexico
A Sheridan Night in Chicago
A Poem in Memoria of James A Garfield
A Book of Verses
Chesterfield New Hampshire Annual Reports Volume 1893
Sheridans Battles in the Shenandoah
A Study of the Concentration of the Antibodies in the Body Fluids of Normal and Immune Animals
The Tribune Primer
Catalogue of the Specimens in the Pathological Museum of the Philadelphia Hospital
A Tribute to the Memory of John Millott Ellis D D Professor of Philosophy in Oberlin College
The Guvnor Farcical Comedy in Three Acts
The Tides of the Missiquash
The Angel of Thought and Other Poems Impressions from Old Masters
On Chlorimidoquinones
The Hayford Process and Apparatus for Preserving Timber
Discovery of the Preglacial Outlet of the Basin of Lake Erie Into That of Lake Ontario With Notes on the Origin of Our Lower Great Lakes
The Men of 1830
A System of Chapter Bookkeeping
Suggestions for Observing the Total Eclipse of the Sun on January 1 1889
The Story of a Passion
Taxation of Trust Companies
Oxford or Rome A Letter to the REV JH Newman on No 90 of the Tracts for the Times
A Statement Showing the Result of a Personal Study of 306 Inmates Committed from Cook County Illinois and 262 Inmates Committed from Counties Outside of Cook County to the Illinois State Reformatory for the Year 1916
State Aid to Consolidated Graded and Rural Schools August First Nineteen Hundred and Eleven
Notes on Alexander Pallis Romaic Version of the New Testament Canticles
A Schema for the Clinical Study of Mentally and Educationally Unusual Children
The Wellcome Physiological Research Laboratories Founded 1894 Walter Dowson Director
The Economic and Political Essays of the Ante-Bellum South
Bartholomew and Richard Cheever and Some of Their Descendants
Niagara Glacial and Post-Glacial Phenomena
Normal Herald Volume V16 No2
The Main Object of the Rebellion From the Original Manuscript of the Late Gov A W Bradford Written in Eighteen Hundred and Sixty-One
A Sermon Preached in the Church in Brattle Square December 1 1833 the Lords Day After the Decease of Miss Elizabeth Bond
An Essay on the Star Spangled Banner and National Songs
The Character and Hope of the Righteous Considerd in a Sermon Preachd the Lords-Day After the Funeral of Madam Lydia Hutchinson the Virtuous Consort of the Honourable Edward Hutchinson Esq Who Departed This Life July 10 1748 Aged 61
The Recognition of Panama
The Building Code of the Department of Inspection of Workshops
The Study of Greek
A Discourse Occasioned by the Death of Mrs Elizabeth Howard Who Departed This Life on Lords Day Morning April 13 1777 Aged 43 Delivered the Lords Day After Her Decease
The Hydroids of the Scottish National Antarctic Expedition
An Address Delivered Before the Students of the United States Naval Academy at Newport June 1864
The Lumbermens Obligation to the South
Easter Lilies for Nineteen Hundred and Fifteen
Annual Report of the Town of Sanbornton New Hampshire Volume 1899
The Origin of the Office of Poet Laureate
The Feast of Belshazzar
A Catalogue of the Marine Land and Freshwater Shells Preserved in the Museum at Chesters
Strongylus Armatus
A Plea for the Wider Action of the Church of England in the Prevention of the Degradation of Women As Submitted to a Committee of Convocation on July 3 1879 Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
List of Errrata in the Catalogue of the Australian Scyphomedusae and Hydromedusae
Progressive Bee Culture or Apine Instincts and Labors Defined Illustrated and Systematized Upon a New Theory
A Report of the Discussion Which Took Place at the Argyll Rooms London on Thursday 24th May Between the REV Mr Burnett and Mr OLeary [Both of the City of Cork] Relative to the Indiscriminate Circulation of the Holy Scriptures
An American View of the Causes Which Have Led to the Decline of the Society of Friends in Great Britain and Ireland [By SM Janney]
The Dignity of the Common School Teachers Mission
A Sermon Delivered at Plymouth December 21st 1804 The Anniversary of the Landing of Our Fathers in December 1620
Advice to Posterity Concerning a Point of the Last Importance
Annual Reports of the Town of Stoddard New Hampshire Volume 1888
The Celebrated Speech of General Thomas F Burke Delivered May 1 1867 in the Court-House Dublin on Being Asked Why Sentence of Death Should Not Be Pronounced Against Him
The New York Election and the State of the Country Mr Jays Address to the Citizens of Westchester County on the Approaching State Election
Annual Report of the Town of South Hampton New Hampshire Volume 1914
The Right Use of History An Anniversary Discourse Delivered Before the Historical Society of Pennsylvania
Rip Van Winkle New Comic Opera in Three Acts
Annual Report of the Town of Sanbornton New Hampshire Volume 1909
What Is the Spiritual Condition of Our Metropolis and Who Is Responsible A Sermon Preached Before the University at St Marys Church in Oxford on the Feast of the Epiphany 1860 Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
The Last Drop
A Letter from Certain Gentlemen of the Council at Bengal to the Honourable the Secret Committee for Affairs of the Honourable United Company of Merchants of England Trading to the East-Indies Containing Reasons Against the Revolution in Favour of Meir C
The Wiles of the Widow A Yorkshire Comedy in One Act
A National Currency Supplemental to the Use of Gold and Silver
The Old South Work
Non-Co-Operation and the Bread Problem The First Lecture of a Series Delivered to Calcutta Universi
A Willing Reunion Not Impossible a Thanksgiving Sermon Preached at St Pauls Brookline November
Adversaria Sinica
Character of the Late Lord Viscount Sackville
An Address Delivered Before the Seventh Annual Meeting of the Virginia State Agricultural Society
World-English The Universal Language
The Principles of Book-Keeping by Double Entry
Topics for Prayer Meetings One for Each Day Sundays Excepted 1885
The Solution of the Milk Problem
The Songs of Monssini
Co-Education in Practice Being an Address Delivered in Cambridge in February 1914 with Many Additions and Three Appendices
Memoire Sur Les Reformes a Operer Dans Le Service Forestier
Storage Batteries A List of References 1900-1915
Kymber A Monody to Sir Armine Wodehouse Bart
A Happy Pair a Comedietta in One Act
Summary of Soldier Settlements in English-Speaking Countries
A Speech Delivered at the Democratic Celebration by the Citizens of the Second Congressional District of Pennsylvania of the Fifty-Eighth Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence July 4th 1834
Report on the Inter-Allied Conference for the Study of Professional Re-Education and Other Question
Shakespeare an Address
Minutes of the Synod of New England
Alex Goodwins Deed
The Dover Pulpit During the Revolutionary War A Discourse Commemorative of the Distinguished Servic
Supplement to the Revised School Law of West Virginia Containing Acts and Amendments Relating to Education Enacted by the Legislature at the Regular Session of 1913
Missourians One Hundred Years Ago
The Trent Affair an Aftermath
A Short History of the Tower of London with a List of the Interesting Curiosities
The Deserter A Poem
Reconstruction Its True Basis Speech of Hon George S Boutwell at Weymouth Mass July 4 1865
The Victory of Our Faith
The Charge of Cyrus the Great a Poetical Essay
Report of Royal Commission to Inquire Into Industrial Disputes in the Cotton Factories of the Province of Quebec Commissioner WL MacKenzie King Printed by Order of Parliament
The Geography of Arkansas
Love Triumphant A Series of Sonnets
Sewage Purification Plants
Disunion Two Discourses at Music Hall on January 20th and February 17th 1861
The First Harvard Playwright A Bibliography of the Restoration Dramatist John Crowne
A Letter to the Inhabitants of Andover and North Andover
The Plight of Armenian and Assyrian Christians
Catalogue of Pamphlets Belonging to the Library of Zunz Now in Judith
The Nativity
An Oration Delivered at Keene NH February 22 1832 Being the Centennial Anniversary of the Birth-Day of Washington
The Ride of Paul Revere
The Physical and Health Conditions of the Montgomery County Rural Schools for White Children
The Maid of Seville
The Book Farmer
A Brief Description of Phil-Ellena
A Biographical Sketch of Hon Charles H Larrabee
The Vail of Mist
The Secession of the Whole South an Existing Fact
The Proceedings of a Convention of Delegates from the States of Massachusetts Connecticut and Rhode-Island
A Sons Tribute
A Lyceum Historiette
The Wild Roses of Maine and Other Camdem Verses
An Address Delivered in Medfield 4th July 1816
The Elopement of Ellen
The Golden Arrow A Romantic Sketch
The Four Innocents
A Pageant of Victory and Peace with a Threnody for Those Who Fell
The Restoration of Belgium and Her Future
The Guatemalan Special Mission to the United States of America to Express to the President of the United States the Gratitude of the Government and People of Guatemala for the Service Rendered to Humanity in the Successful Prosecution of the War Against G
An Oration Delivered on the Centennial Anniversary of the Birth of Washington February 22 1832
The Importance of Being a Roughneck A Burlesque
The Jew of Zemplin
An Oration Delivered Before the Phileleutherian Society of Georgetown College on the Fourth of July
A Declaration Against a Crosse Petition
The Public Examination French Grammar 2nd Ed of French Grammar Made Easy
The Deacons Honeymoon
The Vegetable Alkaloids
An ACT to Amend the ACT for Limiting the Time of Service in the Army
Address Before the New England Society of the City of New York on Forefathers Day December 221838
Ordinances of the Convention Assembled at Wheeling on the 11th of June 1861
An Address on the Character and Example of President Lincoln Volume 2
The Position of the Attributive Adjective in the Don Quixote
The Gallery of Shakspeare Or Illustrations of His Dramatic Works Volume 1
A Sermon Preached in the Church in Brattle Square Boston August 1 1830 the Lords Day After the Decease of the Honourable Isaac Parker
An Essay on the Rise and Fall of the Congressional Caucus as a Machine for Nominating Candidates for the Presidency
An Unrecorded Episode of the American War Jack Sterry the Jessie Scout An Incident of Second Manassas on Which Turned the Course of the Campaign and the Fate of the Southern Army
A Dissuasive from Moral Intolerance Delivered at Bloomington Ind Before the Philomathean Society
The Chancellorsville Campaign
The Original Institution of the General Society of the Cincinnati
Oratio de Causis Cur Mohammedanorum Cultura Et Humanitas Prae EA Quae Christianorum Est Imminuta Et
The Annual Address Delivered at the Twenty-Third Reunion of the Society of the Army of the Cumberland Held at Chickamauga Georgia September 14 and 15 1892
A New Type of Social Parasitism Among Ants
A Letter to His Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury (1850)
The Ending of Strife a Thanksgiving Discourse Preached in Emmanuel Church Baltimore MD Thursday December 7th 1865
The International Metric System of Weights and Measures
An Epistle to Florio at Oxford
Report of the Superintending School Committee of Fitzwilliam for the Year Ending Volume 1864
The English Hotel Nuisance
Ontario Examination Systems
List of the Titles of the Laws and Resolutions Made and Passed at December Session 1844
Thomas Tarbell and Some of His Descendants
The Bottle [A Drama in Two Acts Founded Upon the Graphic Illustrations of George Cruikshank] by TP Taylor
The Rendition of Anthony Burns Its Causes and Consequences a Discourse on Christian Politics Delivered in Williams Hall Boston on Whitsunday June 4 1854
An Address on the Genius Public Life and Opinions of Alexander Hamilton
Geology of Sangamon County
Acts and Joint Resolutions of the General Assembly of the State of South Carolina
The ABC of Skirmishing The Light Infantry Movements of Company in Accordance with the Field Exercise and Evolutions of Infantry 1859
Reservations to the Treaty of Peace with Germany Statements Made to the Press Regarding the Bipartisan Conference on Reservations to the Treaty of Peace with Germany
Application of the Mosaic System of Chronology In the Elucidation of Mysteries Pertaining to the Bible in Stone Known as the Great Pyramid of Egypt
Report of the Superintending School Committee of Fitzwilliam for the Year Ending Volume 1887
A Catalogue of the Works of Linnaeus (and Publications More Immediately Relating Thereto) Preserved in the Libraries of the British Museum (Bloomsbury) and the British Museum (Natural History) (South Kensington)
An Ancient History Syllabus for Secondary Schools
An Address Delivered in the Court House at Paris January 28 1834 Before the Union Temperance Society of Oxford County
The Future of Our Railways
The Fruit Bark Beetle
The Danger Ahead!
The Licensing Authority Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
An Account of the Deep-Dene in Surrey
Paronomasia and Kindred Phenomena in the New Testament
The Life of Richard Allestree
The Vision of the Great Commander
An Introduction to the Study of Heat
A Memoir of William Kelby Librarian of the New York Historical Society Volume 2
An Address to the Dutchess of York Against the Use of Sugar
A Sermon Preached at Portland Maine September 9 1851
The Republican Party--Its Present Duties and Past Achievements and Democratic Repudiation
A Church Catechism Illuminated with Border Designs from an Ancient Italian Missal
The Church in Wales a Speech Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
A Discourse on Ancient and Modern Learning
The Liquor Problem in Russia
The Medical Police and Rules and Regulations of the Boston Medical Association Volume 1
The Continental Congress
The Catalogue of Brown University
A Discourse Occasioned by the Burning of the Theatre in the City of Richmond Virginia on the Twenty-Sixth of December 1811 by Which Lawful Calamity a Large Number of Lives Were Lost Delivered in the Third Presbyterian Church Philadelphia on the Eig
An Essay in Explanation of the Gramercy Park School and Tool-House
Proceedings of the Stockholders of the North Carolina Rail Road Company [Serial] Volume 1911
Proceedings of the Stockholders of the North Carolina Rail Road Company [Serial] Volume 1892
A Letter to the Honorable Harrison Gray Otis on the Present of Our National Affairs With Remarks Upon Mr Pickerings Letter to the Governor of the Commonwealth
Tobacco History Series [a Chapter in Americas Industrial Growth]
Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of Stockholders of the Western NC Rail Road Company [Serial] With the Reports of the Officers Volume 1859
Proceedings of the Stockholders of the North Carolina Rail Road Company [Serial] Volume 1878
Proceedings of the Stockholders of the North Carolina Rail Road Company [Serial] Volume 1873
An Appeal to the Mechanics and Laboring-Men of New England Delivered at Fall River Nov 5 1870
Counting the Electoral Votes
Receipts and Expenditures of the Town of Durham for the Year Ending Volume 1867 1868
Society of Colonial Wars in the State of California
Proceedings of the Stockholders of the North Carolina Rail Road Company [Serial] Volume 1876
Report by the Selectmen of the Town of Andover for the Year Ending Volume F44 A55 1883
Report by the Selectmen of the Town of Andover for the Year Ending Volume F44 A55 1870
Memorial Proceedings of the Senate Upon the Death of Hon Jacob B Kemerer Late a Senator from the Eighteenth District of Pennsylvania
Town of Chester New Hampshire Annual Reports Volume 1856-57
Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Baptist State Convention [Serial] Volume 1850
Report of the Doings of the Selectmen and Treasurer of the Town of Gilmanton for the Year Ending Volume 1869
Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington Volume 23
Town of Belmont New Hampshire Annual Report Volume 1891
The Dobyns-Cooper and Allied Families of Ballou Bramble Coulter Credit Duval Henry Kemp Larew Lyon Norwood Perry Pierce and Taylor
The King of Spains Reasons for Not Paying the 95000l Stipulated in the Convention Signed at the Pardo 14 Jan 1739 Examined To Which Is Added the Convention and the Separate Articles Translated from the French Lately Printed at the Hague
Dissertatio Historica de Iohanne Fero (Johann Wild) Monacho Et Concionatore Moguntino Teste Veritatis Evangelicae
Commentatio de Natalitiis Artium Speciatim Artis Typographicae
School Law of California
Report on the Progress of the Survey
Clericvm Nepotem Exvlem Svccessionis in Geradam Auiae Maternae
The Magic Voice Americas Call for Better Speech a Make Believe Done in One Act
Breviarium Controversiarum Praecipuarum AC Modernarum Brevibus Exhibitum Thesibus
Ueber Den Jotacismus Der Griechischen Sprache Volume 1
A Memorial Service in the First Church in Roxbury November 9 1913
A Sermon Preached Before the Sons of the Clergy At Their Anniversary Meeting in the Cathedral Church of St Pauls April 16 1741 by Edward Yardley
An Account of the Providential Preservation of Eliz Woodcock Who Survived a Confinement Under the Snow of Nearly Eight Days and Nights in the Month of February 1799 in Two Parts by Thomas Verney Okes Surgeon
Ermahnungsrede Wider Die Heutigen Moden Wider Die Hoffart Und Kleiderpracht
Novitatem Regiminis Monarchici in Ecclesiam Universam
Physical Science a Lecture
Select List of Manuscripts in the Connecticut State Library
Weight-Control the Basis of Health
Eden An Oratorio
Preliminary Impact Studies--Skunk River Bridge on the Lincoln Highway Near Ames Iowa
Historical Sketch of Continental Paper Money
An Alphabetical Psalm of Christian Life
An Inquiry Into the Kind and Extent of of Education by the Ordinary Circumstances Duties and Wants of Life
Lecture Upon Agriculture and Other Suggestions Upon the Same Subject
The Observatory James Phinney Baxter
A Sketch Romance of Motion Or a Mode of Motion of the Planetary Bodies in Space
The Octobols of Histiaea
What the Catholic Church Has Done to Mexico
The New World Poems
More Songs and Ballads for the People Not by a Reverend BA of Trinity College Cambridge
An Atlas of Antient [Sic] Geography
The Fundamental Laws of Addition and Multiplication in Elementary Algebra
The Suffrage Movement from Its Evolutionary Aspect
The Open Gate An Original Domestic Drama in One Act
The Reverend Dr James Walker and His Friends on the Eightieth Anniversary of His Birthday August 16 1874
The Maid of Pend DOreille and Indian Idyl
A Letter to the Right Honourable Edmund Burke Paymaster General of His Majestys Forces
Requirements for Standardized Elementary Schools
A Sermon Delivered at the Annual Election on Wednesday January 4 1837 Before His Excellency Edward Everett Governor His Honor George Hull Lieutenant Governor the Honorable Council
The Pacific Coast Races of the Bewick Wren
Conservation An Address
The New Administration An Address Delivered Before the Womens Democratic Association of Minnesota May 5 1921
St Valentines Day A Comedy in One Act for Female Characters Only
Catalogue of Howard College 1854 - 1855
The Importance of the Ghost in Hamlet
Tacna-Arica and the Washington Negotiations Chile-Bolivian Relations
An Explanation of the Movements of the Iris
Annual Report of the New Jersey Commission for the Blind
Henry Gannett President of the National Geographic Society 1910-1914
The Wit and Humour of the East
Annual Reports of the Town of Brentwood New Hampshire Volume 1904
Isabella Thoburn [Microform]
The Second Book of the Poets Club
The Evils of Infant Baptism
Kathartinkaffe Dessen Bereitung Und Dessen Gebrauch in Unterleibskrankheiten Der
Memorial Em Prol DOS Acreanos Ameacados de Confiso Pelo Estado Amazonas Na Accao de Reivindicacao Do
Bob Veal and the Public
List of the Animals in the Gardens of the Zoological Society With Notices Respecting Them May 1837
The Methods and Conditions of Legislation An Address Delivered in Carnegie Hall at the Thirty-First Annual Meeting of the New York State Bar Association Held at the City of New York on the 24th and 25th of January 1908
Constitutional Law With Reference to the Present Condition of the United States
Sugar Beet Hints on Cultivation
On the Lysianassa Magellanica H Milne Edwards and on the Crustacea of the Suborder Amphipoda and S
A Brief Description of New York Formerly Called New Netherlands with the Places Thereunto Adjoining Likewise a Brief Relation of the Customs of the Indians There Volume 1 No1
The Vancouver Island Strike
The Morality of Stage-Plays Seriously Considered
Nancy Hanks Lincoln A Sermon Delivered at All Souls Church Chicago February 8 1903
Catalogue of the Genera and Species of Recent Shells in the Collection of CB Adams
The Jesuit Relations and Allied Documents Travels and Explorations of the Jesuit Missionaries - Vol VII
An Address on Education
Description Historique Des Monnaies Frappees Sous LEmpire Romain Tome V Communement Appellees Medailles Imperiales
MBE Questions for 1st and 2nd Year Law by Baba Che Law School Read Through and Pass First Time!
Letters to an Old Garibaldian
Description Historique Des Monnaies Frappees Sous LEmpire Romain Tome III Communement Appellees Medailles Imperiales
Edmund Burke
Laclede the Founder of St Louis
Description Historique Des Monnaies Frappees Sous LEmpire Romain Tome IV Communement Appellees Medailles Imperiales
Description Historique Des Monnaies Frappees Sous LEmpire Romain Tome VI Communement Appellees Medailles Imperiales
Description Historique Des Monnaies Frappees Sous LEmpire Romain Tome VII Communement Appellees Medailles Imperiales
The Dream of the Red Chamber
Zionism and the Jewish Diaspora
Rational Medicine Its Past and Present Its True Relations to Specialists to the Partisans of Exclusive Systems and to Empirics
Minnetoskas Dream A Play in One Act with Tableaux Songs and Dances
Description Historique Des Monnaies Frappees Sous LEmpire Romain Tome I Communement Appellees Medailles Imperiales
A Brief History of the Ancient Records of Stratford-On-Avon [By JO Halliwell-Phillipps]
The Religion and Patriotism of 76
The Vine and Its Culture
An Address on the Origin and Principles of the Christians
The Presentation of Colors to the 367th Regiment of Infantry Colonel James A Moss Commanding
The Presidents of the United States of America from Washington to the Present Time
The Affairs of Rhode Island
The Defenders of the Country and Its Enemies the Chicago Platform Dissected Speech of Governor Brough Delivered at Circleville Ohio Sept 3
A Midnight Race
A Pageant of Superior May 24 and 25 16
The Louisiana Purchase and Its Significance a Discourse Delivered in the First Baptist Meeting House Providence RI Sunday May 15 1904
A Lecture on Homeopathy
The North Carolina Cession of 1784 in Its Federal Aspects
A Letter to Wm E Channing D D in Reply to One Addressed to Him by R R Madden on the Abuse of the Flag of the United States in the Island of Cuba
The Constitution of the General Society of Sons of the Revolution and By-Laws of the Pennsylvania Society
The Fisheries of Ireland
The Confessions of a Husband
The Dead Lands of Europe
The Liberal Party and Mr Chamberlain Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
An Address at the Funeral of Hon Simeon Baldwin May 28 1851
An Ode
A Radical Cure for the Swarming Habit of Bees
The Report and Proceedings of the First Annual Meeting of the Providence Anti-Slavery Society with a Brief Exposition of the Principles and Purposes of the Abolitionists
Among the Trees
Asmodeus Or the Little Devils Share a Drama in Two Acts
A History of Tybee Islands Ga and a Sketch of the Savannah Tybee R R
Bulletin Volume 5
Archaeological Relics in Mexico
Annual Address of the President Volume 37
Bulletin Volume 114
Phiz (Hablot Knight Browne) A Memoir
Bulletin University Studies Series Volume 5
Annual Oration
Barney McGee
A First Book of Poetics For Colleges and Advanced Schools
Bank Loans and Stock Exchange Speculation
Argument by Cephas Brainerd Before the Judiciary Committee of the House of Representatives (with Additions ) 29th January 1876 the Rights of the Uninsured Owners of Ships Destroyed by the Nashville Tallahassee Georgia and the Shenandoah Before S
Memorial Addresses in Honor of Governors Austin and McGill
Baby Farming
American Railroads Their Relation to Commercial Industrial and Agricultural Interests
Weights and Measures Net Container and Public Weighmaster Laws as Amended in 1919
Thirteen Periods of United States History
The Beginnings of the English Secular and Romantic Drama A Paper Read Before the Shakespeare Association on Friday February 29 1920
British and German Scholarship
The Present Crisis
St Botolphs Priory Colchester
Catalogue of Cumberland University Volume 1882
A Caution to Great Britain and Her Colonies In a Short Representation of the Calamitous State of the Enslaved Negroes in the British Dominion
Catalogue of the Officers and Students of Cumberland University Volume 1850-51
Electric Ranges
Catalogue of Cumberland University Volume 1884
Catalogue of Cumberland University Volume 1869-70
Annual Catalogue of the Lebanon College for Young Ladies Volume 1907-08
Description Historique Des Monnaies Frappees Sous LEmpire Romain Tome II Communement Appellees Medailles Imperiales
Catalogue of Cumberland University Volume 1888
Annual Report National Institutes of Health Division of Research Services Volume 1986 PTa
On the Chemical Constitution of the Proteins of Wheat Flour and Its Relation to Baking Strength
Wholesome Cooking A Practical Book for a Practical Cook Two Hundred Well-Tested Recipes
Catalogue of the Officers and Students of Cumberland University Volume 1855-56
Constitutions and Canons Ecclesiasticall Treated Upon by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York Presidents of the Convocations for the Respective Provinces of Canterbury and York and the Rest of the Bishops and Clergie of Those Provinces And Agreed Up
Our Preparations for the War of 1846-8
Changes in the Cost of Living July 1914-November 1921
Cotton and Immigration Address Before the British Association in Liverpool
Corrupt Practices at Elections Contributions and Expenditures
Comparison of Present Law a Discussion Proposal and Possible Clarifications Offered by Representatives Stark and Moore Relating to the Tax Treatment of Life Insurance Companies and Their Products Volume Jcx-23-83
Scraps of Paper German Proclamations in Belgium and France
Health for the Family in Wartime
Prospectus for a Direct Railway Line Between New York and Boston
Public Acts Passed at the General Assembly of the State of Tennessee
The Voice of God to the Churches A Sermon on the Death of the Reverend George Cran Augustus Desgranges and Jonathan Brain Missionaries in India from the London Missionary Society
Patrols Scouting Messages
Notes on the Class Struggle
Savingss Banks the Editorial Remarks and Correspondence Which Have Recently Appeared in The Times Newspaper on the Subject of Abuses in These Institutions With Observations by a Member of the Stock Exchange
Scrambled Eggs A Barnyard Fantasy Issue 16
Guido or a Painters Dream A Lyric Drama in Three Acts
Sentimental Studies Stories of Life and Love
Biographical Sketch of Major-General Richard Montgomery of the Continental Army Who Fell in the Assault of Quebec December 31 1775
The Mission of Beauty Thoughts in Connection with Art-Culture
Precis of Lectures on Military Carriages
Annual Report of the Directors of the American Education Society Volume 51
University of California Publications in Anatomy Volume 1 Issues 1-2
Belgium and Greece
Leyes y Decretos Sobre La Creation de Las Oficinas de Rejistro de Propriedades Hipotecas Embargos E Inhibiciones
Chapter 169 of the Revised Laws of Vermont 1880 Relating to the Traffic in Intoxicating Liquor with Some Additional Sections Published by Authority
Bradykinetic Analysis of Somatic Motor Disturbances in Nervous Diseases
Memoir of an Eventful Expedition in Central America Resulting in the Discovery of the Idolatrous City of Iximaya in an Unexplored Region And the Possession of Two Remarkable Aztec Children Descendants and Specimens of the Sacerdotal Caste (Now Nearly
Campanas de Coro
Eleventh Annual Report of the London Auxiliary to the Association for the Religious Improvement of the Highlands and the Gaelic School Society
On a Previously Undescribed Class of Monuments
Annual Reports of the Town of Stoddard New Hampshire Volume 1894
The Car That Went Abroad
A Brief Account of the Proceedings of the Committee Appointed in the Year 1795 by the Yearly Meeting of Friends of Pennsylvania New-Jersey C for Promoting the Improvement and Gradual Civilization of the Indian Natives
Brother Jonathans Almanac for Volume 1847
Annual Report of the Town of South Hampton New Hampshire Volume 1910
Annual Report Volume 11 (1919-20)
Annual Report of the Town of Sanbornton New Hampshire Volume 1896
Scheme for the Conservation of Remarkable Boulders in Scotland and for the Indication of Their Position on Maps
Annual Report of the Town of Salem New Hampshire Volume 1877
On the Origin of the Parallel Roads of Glen Roy
Websters Calendar Or the Albany Columbia Montgomery and Washington Almanack for the Year of Our Lord Volume 1879
Legend of the Morrisons Badge (Driftwood on the Sea-Shore)
Speech of Hon John L Dawson of Penna On the Homestead Bill Delivered in the House of Representatives Feb 14 1854
An Inland Voyage and Travels with a Donkey
The Necessity for a Christian Ministry in Special Adaptation to the Poor Two Sermons Preached in Renshaw Street Chapel Liverpool (With a Prospectus of the Objects and Plan of the Proposed Ministry)
General Information Regarding Sequoia and General Grant National Parks Season of 1912
Arguments in Favor of Missions A Discourse Delivered in Portland June 26 1833 Before the Maine Missionary Society at Its Twenty-Sixth Anniversary
Annual Report of the Town of Sanbornton New Hampshire Volume 1892
Macs in Galloway
On Some Japanese Legends
Religion as Affected by Modern Materialism An Address Delivered in Manchester New College London
Some Hot Springs of Southern California Their Origin and Classification
A Catalogue of Hemiptera
Louisa a Tale
Strictures on Mr N E S A Hamiltons Inquiry Into the Genuineness of the Ms Corrections in Mr J Payne Colliers Annotated Shakespeare Folio 1632
Robert Boyle Lecture
An Cheud Leabhar Gaedhilge First Irish Book
President Lincoln and the Chicago Memorial of Emancipation a Paper Read Before the Maryland Histori
List of Teachers in School Districts Nos 9 and 10 Sutton Mass from 1790 to 1897
Rules and Regulations for the Registration of Claims to Copyright Copyright Office Bulletin No 15
The Evolution of Jewish Disability
A Vindication of the Principles of Authors
Plantae Utowanae Plants Collected in Bermuda Porto Rico St Thomas Culebras Santo Domingo Jama
The Religion of the Indians of California
Conversion a Letter to Mr Alexander Chirol and His Family
Computation of the Orbit of Planet 558
An Arraignment of President McKinleys Policy of Extending by Force the Sovereignty of the United States Over the Philippine Islands
Genealogy in the Library
Daylight Saving
Historical Discourse Delivered at Malden Mass On the Day of the Annual Thanksgiving December 1
Some Theorems on the Summation of Divergent Series
The Descendants of John Potter 1765--1906
Wills of Early Jewish Settlers in New York
A Funeral Discourse Preached in St Pauls Church Newburyport on Thursday April XXVIII MDCCCXLII
Ueber Die Entwickelung Der Leitenden Gedanken Zur Ersten Campagne Bonapartes Ein Vortrag Gehalten
A Sermon Commemorative of National Events Delivered in the First Presbyterian Church Albany NY
Perforated Stones from California
Portraits of Celebrated Women
A Discourse on St Pauls Epistle to Philemon Exhibiting the Duty of Citizens of the Northern State
Lincolniana Book Plates and Collections
Epochs of Painted Vases An Introduction to Their Study
Virginia Leads
The Sacred Songs of the Gael A Collection of Gaelic Hymns
A List of Plants Collected in the Vicinity of Oquawka Henderson County Illinois
Taille Et Conduite Des Arbres Forestiers Et Autres de Grandes Dimensions Expose Comparatif de La No
Saratoga Springs Camera Slivers from the Famous Spa
Cardinal Principles of Secondary Education a Report of the Commission on the Reorganization of Seco
Marcus T C Gould Stenugrapher
Hints to the Study of the Holy Qur-An
A Second Study of the Influence Of Parental Alcoholism on the Physique And Intelligence of the Off
Soldiers Rights An Appeal to the Loyal People of the United States and Their Representatives in Co
The Published Writings of William Phipps Blake
Idle Songs of an Idle Soldier
A Reply to Mr Charles Ingersolls Letter to a Friend in a Slave State
Centennial Exhibition Philadelphia 1876 Issue 1
Rules and Regulations of the Detroit High School Scholarship Fund Association
Influence of Some Organic Compounds Upon the Hydrolysis of Starch by Salivary and Pancreatic Amylases
Himyaric Inscriptions of Hisn Ghorab Tr and Elucidated by G Hunt
The Uneducated Children in Our Large Towns A Speech House of Commons 12th March 1869
Opinions of Napoleon the First on Russia and Poland Expressed at St Helena with Their Adaptation to the Present War
Statement of Work Done at the Harvard College Observatory
The Labyrinth Being an Exercise for Wit and Humour by Rational Rebusses
Annual Report of the Womens Pennsylvania Branch United States Sanitary Commission
First Impressions of a Law Reformer
Annual Report Volume 1994-95
Biennial Report of the State Auditor of the State of Montana for the Fiscal Years Ending Volume 1915-16
Little Journeys to the Homes of Eminent Orators
A Compressed View of the Points to Be Discussed in Treating with the United States of America With an Appendix
Major Alpins Ancestors and Descendants
Signal Corps Equipment Manual Organized Militia 1915
Medical Libraries Annual Oration Delivered Before the Maine Medical Association June 5 1902
Report and List of Members for the Year
Invalid Childrens Schools A Paper Read at the National Conference of Women Workers Held at Brighton Oct 1900
Cataloging as an Asset An Address to the New York State Library School May 1 1915
Practical Information Onthe Best Method of Brewing from Sugar In Which Is Given the History of the Trade from 1769 [C] by a Practical Brewer
Hymns of the Church Arranged on a New Plan Intended as a Guide to Chanting in Churches by T Graham
What Is England Doing
Report Volume 24
The Wreck Ashore
Address of George Thompson
Thoughts on the Corn Laws Addressed to the Working Classes of the County of Glouchester
Memoranda on Cuba
Address by Hon Erastus Brooks
The National Clay Almanack for the Year of Our Lord 1845
The Study of Poetry
The Study of Statistics in Colleges
The Supposed Visit of St Paul to Britain a Lecture Delivered in the University of Oxford by Edward Cardwell
Uncle John A Petite Comedy in Two Acts
Memoirs Chemical Series Volume 3 No1
The Character and Influence of Abolitionism
A Word in Season to the Traders and Manufacturers of Great Britain
Women in Industry in Minnesota in 1918 Field Investigation Carried on by Women in Industry Committee Council of National Defence and Bureau of Women and Children
Tricks of the Press A Lecture
Metallurgical Treatment of the Low-Grade and Complex Ores of Utah a Preliminary Report
The Old Serpentine Temple of the Druids at Avebury a Poem [By C Lucas] by C Lucas
A Short History of Elementary Education in England
Contributions to Equilong Geometry
The Tariff Speech in the House April 30 1884
The Theological Crisis Volume 4 PT23
Ethological Outlines
Report of the Committee of Oculists and Electricians Appointed April 29 1907 on the Artificial Lighting and Color Schemes of School Buildings November 1907
Report Together with Proceedings Minutes of Evidence and Appendices
Echoes and Incidents from a Gunboat Flotilla
Biennial Report of the State Auditor of the State of Montana for the Fiscal Years Ending Volume 1919-20
Homeless Or a Poets Inner Life [Tr by the Author]
Tesis No 105 Que Presenta R Andueza Palacio Para Optar Al Grado de Doctor En Ciencias Politicas Setiembre de 1908
Preliminary List of Bibliography in the New Reference Library
Objections to Public Schools Considered
The History of Over Sea Done Into English
Descriptions of Occupations
Essays and Articles on Subjects Connected with Popular Political Economy Illustrative of the Condition and Prospects of the Working Classes [Comprising the Birmingham Labour Exchange Gazette No 1-5 and an Article on Co-Operation Repr from the Month
The Slave with Two Faces An Allegory in One Act
Journal of the Senate
Geneva and Oxford An Address to the Professors and Students of Theological School Geneva At the Opening of the Session Oct 3 1842 Volume 2
The Studies of an Orator An Inaugural Address Delivered at the Annual Commencement in Dartmouth College July 1840
Rules and Regulations Crater Lake National Park
What Is Poetry a Paper
Address at the American Pomological Society Volume 17th 1879
Views With Ground Plans of the Highland Cottages at Roxbury (Near Boston)
To the People of Virginia
Annual Report Campton New Hampshire Volume 1899
Technical Indexes and Bibliographies Appearing Serially
Calaveras Bigtree National Forest
Speech of His Excellency the Right Honorable Sir Bartle Frere Bart Etc Etc Etc Governor of the Cape of Good Hope and HM High Commissioner for South Africa And of Others Delivered on the Occasion of the Banquet Given to His Excellency Upon
Reports of National Officers to the Continental Congress of the National Society
New England Spiders Identified Since 1910
Dominion of Canada Province of British Columbia Information for Intending Settlers
Simple Household Tests for the Detection of Adulterations in Foods
A Historical Sketch of Bedford NH Being a Discourse Delivered Sabbath Afternoon July 4th 1841 in the Presbyterian Meeting House
Eulogy of Garrison Remarks of Wendell Phillips at the Funeral of William Lloyd Garrison
Statistics of Dane County Wisconsin With a Business Directory of Part of the Village of Madison
In Memoriam Memorial Services on the Day of the Burial of President James A Garfield
Brown Alumni Monthly Volume Vol 1 No 2
Lecture on Fashion Delivered Before the New York Lyceum
Seven Sprays and a Golden Poppy Poems a Song and a Story
Invention Records
The Flight from Wyoming
Universities in America An Inaugural Address Delivered in Ann Arbor Michigan October 1st 1863
Catalogus Collegii Tuftensis
Honesty the Best Policy
Secrets of Correct Table Service
Grannys Juliet An Impression
National Bank of Commerce in New York - A Great American Bank
Whither and Why Poems on Life
The Relative Mortality After Amputations of Large and Small Hospitals and the Influence of the Antiseptic Listerian System Upon Such Mortality
The Battle of Spring Hill Tennessee Read After the Stated Meeting Held February 2D 1907
My Reminiscences of Ezra Cornell An Address Delivered Before the Cornell University on Founders s
The Debate of the Body and Soul
Guide to the German Educational Exhibition in St Louis 1904
Organization Constitution and By-Laws of the Soldiers Home in the City of Chicago
Who Discovered the Sources of the Nile
Governor Judge and Priest Detroit 1805-1815 a Paper Read Before the Witenagemote on Friday Evening October the Second 1891
The Potato Child Others
The Yale Literary Magazine Volume 10 Issue 7
The Unilateral Dynamic Characteristics of Three-Electrode Vacuum Tubes
Memorial of Hon William Kelly Presented to the New York State Agricultural Society at the Annual
Over-Age and Progress in the Public Schools of Dayton
Catalogues of Items for Auction by Mr Leigh Sotheby 1830-1860
The Building of the Bible Showing the Chronological Orderin Which the Books of the Old and New Test
Program for the Inauguration of the President and Vice-President of the United States March Fourth 1897
The Classification of Statistics and Its Results
The Meaning of Business Or the Science of Success
An Oration Delivered at Lancaster Mass in Celebration of American Independence July 1825
Remarks on Some Masonic Book Plates in America and Their Owners Volume 2
Fore Aft Seamanship for Yachtsmen Revised by a Practical Yachtsman
She Planted a Garden
An Hour with the Fathers

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